Welcome to YourWheels!

The Platform that allows you to sell your car AT YOUR PRICE! Or buy a car AT YOUR PRICE!

Its Easy Access to Finance and allows everything to happen at the end of your fingertips with the aid of mobile technology.

So how does it Work?

If you sell your car, you can specify what you want for it

If you buy a car, you have the luxury of browsing a host of vehicles at a price that is palatable.

As a valued customer, you will be able to place your car onto the YOURWHEELS site and advertise it accordingly.

The process is transparent, provides peace of mind and is simple for both buyer and seller. And finance is available.

What does the Buyer need to do?
  • Click on the vehicle you are interested in.
  • Complete your info.
  • Upload some documents via our mobile app.
  • We will contact you for everything else!
  • What do we do for you?
  • Register the car in your name.
  • Roadworthy
  • Provide a warranty
  • Provide finance
  • Arrange delivery
What does the Seller need to do?
  • You can upload the vehicle to your website with our mobile app.
  • What do you do:
  • Scan your license disc
  • Take some pictures of your car
  • Add additional info like service history
  • We provide you with the Trade and Retail price
  • We will assist you with what the car is worth if you aren’t sure.
There is an admin fee of R5700 – this is to cover the roadworthy certificate, vehicle registration, validation process, vehicle inspection and admin fees.
Then what? Sit back, relax and let us take care of this, after all, we take care of everything else!